Morning Pages of July

July 7, 2023–So all seven bags of clothing are being shared with the community and that makes me feel good. Plus i get a “capsule” wardrobe, meaning I get to see and wear only those things that I love. And this frees me up. i am very happy about that. Now I need to go through shoes, tee shirts, pajamas.

And what about furniture in the house? Much of it does not fit the space it’s in. Work on that next. Kiva offered help as she has spearheaded the closet project. But for her it would not have happened.

So the morning starts. It all starts with using a real china porcelain cup for my coffee, the delicate feel in my hand, the soft clink sound of the cup as I put it down on the saucer after my first sip of the Peet’s Big Bang flavor, a morning call summoning me to wake up “the world loves you” kinda coffee. The porcelain looks and feels delicate, but it is actually very durable and strong, kinda like how I feel this morning.

Amazing animals caught on the Vico home camera: a raccoon, fat with fur hobbles to the water pond to drink at 3:34 AM, a large muscular deer chews up the apple I left in the planter at 4:44AM, a lone adolescent deer walks the path in front of our house at 5:55AM. It’s the same deer, I believe, that lost her mother last year, her body on the side of the road, likely hit by a car, or maybe possibly a mountain lion. Anyhow, she fends for herself now, but I’m not sure she is all there, since she was left motherless at such a young age. She always seems to be “wandering”. As an experiment, Bob had set the camera on the teak table, but apparently it is too high to capture the fox family, mama, poppa, and four kits, who strolled and frolicked along yesterday. It needs to be on the ground to capture their playfulness, we’ve learned. Will do.